"Matt's a Writer."

A scriptwriter sits at his desk, endlessly telling stories that people may or may not be interested in. He is troubled by his very existence but uplifted by those around him.

None of the thoughts I have can be soundly explained in blog format.

I have zero use for the social functions of this website.

My life is too good when I’m offline. I’m lucky enough to have amazing people around me so I really don’t need a digital cyborg.

Unfortunately once I have my degree I’ll have to network a lot, but I’ll use a more professional website.

So this is maybe bye. I don’t know, nothing is certain.

Just remember to unplug from time to time, it’s refreshing.

I’ve stopped arguing with people or publicly expressing my opinion when it wasn’t asked for because I enjoy the size of my ego, it really doesn’t need to be any bigger, it works for me.


jeff goldblum stars in the role of a lifetime

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A free spirited middle class artist is slowly realising she doesn’t contribute anything to the world she inhabits, but folks seem to like her smile so there’s that.

In the summer she wakes every day a dawn, even on weekends. Especially on weekends. The daylight is somehow quieter, and coffee tastes better when made for one anyway.

At the age of nine she saw a ghost in the red glow of kitchen appliance off switches. Later she would tell herself it was all in her mind but it was, in fact, a spectre.

You won’t find her in space, wires or a large metal box in Nevada. She has enough trouble existing in this world, projecting her self would only cripple her resolve.

She will die at age twenty-nine whilst doing the washing up. Tragic for some, the wheels keep turning for most. A man plays a muted piano as she closes her eyes on the kitchen floor.

I just watched a crazy film about apes and ate small bits of salmon.

The one exception to my general life rule of ‘don’t be annoyed by how other people live their life, everyone can be the person they want to be’?


I’m sick but still carrying on with all my plans, I’m an adult. A stupid adult.

I hate forced memes, (Internet ones usually) when they’re natural between friends they can be really cool cultural signifiers that…I’m even boring myself.

I think I just hate fun.


Kevin Steen vs. El Generico - ROH Final Battle 2012

Today was warm but we almost have a lovely new flat.

Emily and I are going to look round flats today. Aww, our second flat together, a new home with new memories and… holy shit we get to have sex in a new building!