"Matt's a Writer."

A scriptwriter sits at his desk, endlessly telling stories that people may or may not be interested in. He is troubled by his very existence but uplifted by those around him.

I hate forced memes, (Internet ones usually) when they’re natural between friends they can be really cool cultural signifiers that…I’m even boring myself.

I think I just hate fun.


Kevin Steen vs. El Generico - ROH Final Battle 2012

Today was warm but we almost have a lovely new flat.

Emily and I are going to look round flats today. Aww, our second flat together, a new home with new memories and… holy shit we get to have sex in a new building!

I stopped being a nerd when it became the cultural zeitgeist. Maybe I am just a hipster, which I also stopped being when it became trendy and fashionable?!

Who am I?

Oh that’s right I have no fixed identity and I love it. Makes me a tough person to buy presents for though…

We just went to see some local wrestling and a young woman made all the dudes look like fat sacks of human flesh.

A couple of guys were alright and a couple of cool moves happened but she did some Mysterio-esq hurricanranas that technically looked the best moves of the night.

It was a laugh, but I do need November to come quickly so ROH and WWE can remind Emily and me how it’s supposed to look.

Knives and guns don’t excite me because my penis works just fine.

Park and Rides were invented so that middle class people didn’t feel as though they were using public transport.

I don’t mean to brag or anything but I just got 1500G in Skyrim and that’s huge for me because I’m not a massive gamer.

Today’s wonderful / surreal moment, having a pub lunch with Stuart Murdoch from Belle & Sebastian and Emily Browning from Sucker Punch, before helping them make a music video. (x)

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