"Matt's a Writer."

A scriptwriter sits at his desk, endlessly telling stories that people may or may not be interested in. He is troubled by his very existence but uplifted by those around him.

I haven’t posted a selfie in a while, maybe I’m a lizard now. You have no idea.

Also my new keyboard arrived today, but the pals are coming round tomorrow for the weekend and then I have an essay to write so maybe April will be a novel writing free month.

But I have all summer so no worries.

I don’t like it when people present their opinions as fact. None of us know anything, we’re all stupid mounds of flesh just getting on with getting on. Swapping ideas is lovely but shaping ideologies is risky. It’s why I always like to end posts like this with “or you know, whatever.” Or you know, whatever.

Are you having trouble relaxing?

Can’t get to sleep at night?

Do you have anxieties about the Internet and the impact it has on the fabric of society and humankind in general?

Log off.

Monopoly is fun but Stereopoly sounds better.

Writing is on hold because my keyboard has broken, just ordered a new one though.

On the plus side I now have an ending I’m happy with, so yay. Probably another 20,000-ish words to write, I’d love to finish it by the end of August this year. I’ll feel 1000x more comfortable about calling myself a writer if I’ve self-published an e-book.

Erm yes parents my friends and I are gathering on the twentieth of April to celebrate…Easter. Yeah, Easter.

New God Help the Girl still

New God Help the Girl still

I don’t know why people think taking recreational drugs is cool. It’s not cool or uncool, it’s just a thing, like anything is just a thing. We’re all just little things doing things until we can’t thing anymore.

All three drugs get me thinking but with LSD I’m too busy exploring my consciousness and with weed I can’t be bothered to pick up my phone to type. Alcohol however makes me want to be loud (digitally speaking) and express my opinions. No wonder we all hate each other if we spend the weekends drinking and shouting our useless opinions (see this post) at each other instead of finding ourselves and discovering how we connect to other people.

LSD one night, copious amounts of marijuana the next and then red wine tonight. Guess which one is making me feel shitty and will take ten seconds off my life? Although that could just be the cold I have, yeah probably that.

Tell me what you think of me and I won’t listen to a word.

My week of holiday is almost over. Axes will be placed to grindstones next week as I plan my essay and (aim to) write another 2,500 words of my book. Hello everyone, a version of my ‘self’ has retuned to the Internet.